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A home network is a great way for civilians to share files and resources among multiple computers. Computers can share files, printers, and Internet access using wired or wireless technology.

Most of the home networks combine wired connections for desktop machines and other fixed location devices with wireless capabilities for portable devices like laptop computers and touch screen controllers.

 Home network enables to

  • Share files, pictures, and music between computers. It’s great for synchronizing your laptop and desktop machines.
  • Share high speed Internet access among several computers from services such as cable modems, ISDN, or DSL.
  • Share a printer in one room with computers in other rooms.
  • Use devices such as movie and music servers (Audio ReQuest, Fireball) and hard drive video recorders (TiVo, ReplayTV) through Internet connections to retrieve program guides, table of contents information, and cover art, as well as automatic software updates